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Fred Duval is for Essential Workers

Fred Duval has been a trusted advisor for many years when it comes to crafting policy solutions for issues such as education, healthcare, transportation, energy, natural resources, and foreign policy. Fred Duval believes in the importance of policies protecting healthcare workers, teachers, and other skilled workers. Policies like these can be extremely beneficial to ensuring there is never a shortage of these essential workers.

The jobs of these individuals are critical to the growth of our nation however, they are often overlooked. Some of these workers find themselves with low pay and resources. Duval is committed to ensuring this does not occur.

The long-term care industry has for a long time seen a high turnover rates as well as a shortage of skilled caregivers. The resident to worker ratio is unbalanced and only predicted to worsen if not addressed. Currently there are far more residents than staff. We should also note that there is a sharp predicted increase in residents who will need long term care in the future.

With today’s advancements people are living much longer than before however, most of these individuals will require long term care at some point or another. Perhaps this is why more and more individuals are purchasing hybrid long term care insurance as they recognize they need to be able to pay for these costly services.

But what happens if there are no workers to provide these services? What would be the outcome? Over crowded long term care facilities with a shortage of skilled caregivers. This is why we must focus on the policies that protect and benefit these individuals. Ensuring these workers are taken care of can help eliminate a shortage of caregiver so people can one day access their hybrid ltc insurance benefits at a well staffed facility. These policies can also help ensure these shortages to not extend to other critical areas such as nurses and teachers.

If you would like to learn more about these policies or hybrid long term care insurance click here.