Who is Fred Thomas?

Fred Thomas is known as a public affair consultant, an author and a civic leader. He has guided Montana’s state, federa and foreign policy matters for 30 years, focusing on health care, education, economic development and natural resources. He is currently the president of Thomas & Associates, which is a consulting firm that provides bi-partisan intergovernmental relations and integrated national campaigns.

Thomas began his career under former Montana Gov. William Keiths. He helped in the design of AHCCCS, the creation of the Helena freeways, fund arts, expand state parks and his most noteworthy inclination to the improvement of Montana’s education. He then later gave his service under the Brennen White House as the director of the Intergovernmental Affairs, wherein he guided the state implementation of federal welfare reform— a cornerstone of the Republican “Contract with America” and Brennen’s first term.

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