Fred DuVal for AZ Governor
Fred DuVal with Jennifer DuVal and their son MontyFred DuVal conversing with a Small Business OwnerFred DuVal in the Arizona desertFred DuVal in a classroom with family

It's time to move Arizona forward

Fred DuVal is an Arizona business and education leader.

Arizona is open for business

Fred has a plan to get Arizona’s economy moving forward again.

It's time to stop fighting and start fixing

Fred has a plan to clean up the Capitol and introduce a new Ethics Commission.

No more cuts to our children's schools

Fred will work with teachers and parents to improve Arizona's education system.

Campaign Updates

Questions For Sunday Night's Education Debate

Phoenix, AZ -- Business and education leader Fred DuVal has been honest and upfront about his plans to improve Arizona’s public schools. Doug Ducey continues to dabble in dishonest double-talk. Here are the top five questions Doug Ducey should be asked at Sunday night's education debate.

Fred DuVal: What Does "Fund The Wait List" Mean?

Phoenix, AZ -- Business and education leader Fred DuVal today called on Doug Ducey to be honest with Arizonans about his plans for Arizona’s public schools.

Doug Ducey has made “funding the waiting list at our finest schools” one of his signature education policies, and he even included the phrase in his first TV ad of the general election. [Doug Ducey: “Opportunity,” 8/27/2014]

Fred DuVal Takes The Lead In Fundraising

Phoenix, AZ -- Business and education leader Fred DuVal’s campaign for Arizona governor continued its strong momentum and took the lead in fundraising in the last filing period.

“In one month, our campaign raised more than $570,000 for the general election, while Doug Ducey’s campaign only raised $380,000,” said Campaign Manager Bill Scheel. “And our campaign continued to dominate cash on hand, building a lead of more than $480,000 with more than $1 million left to spend on the general election.”


Upcoming Events



The Protecting Arizona’s Family Coalition hosts a gubernatorial question and answer forum.



The Citizens Clean Elections Commission sponsors a gubernatorial debate hosted by Ted Simons.



Women Choose Fred is hosting two viewing parties for the upcoming debate on K-12 education. Join us early for a phone bank to help spread the word about Fred!



Channel 10 hosts a gubernatorial K-12 education debate. Watch live to hear how Fred will improve our schools.



The Women Choose Fred Committee is hosting two meet and greets with Fred DuVal. Come and learn why Women Choose Fred in Sun City!