About Fred Duval

Born Fred .P DuVal on May 24 1954, he is an author, civic leader and businessman who recently ran for the Arizona gubernatorial seat. He was the unsuccessful nominee for the seat for the Democratic Party. We take a look at a brief profile of DuVal.


He graduated from Tucson High School and went on to receive his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Occidental College. In his time at the university, he was chosen as a Luce Scholar. DuVal received a law degree from the Arizona state university.

Political profile

DuVal was the chairman of the state of Arizona board of regents, a post he was appointed to by former governor Janet Napolitano. He also served as the advisor to another former governor, Bruce Babbitt over the tenure of his governorship and in his bid for the 1998 presidency. DuVal also has also served in Bill Clinton’s white house as the deputy chief of protocol in 1993. DuVal was instrumental in the national tobacco settlement, the American Indian gaming rights and section 638.

DuVal ran for the gubernatorial seat in the 2014 elections having been an uncontested candidate for the state’s democratic nomination. He however lost to the current governor, Doug Ducey. His campaign had been endorsed by former governors Raul Castro and Rose Mofford, congressman Ed Pastor and Jim Pederson, the former DP chair. DuVal also served as treasurer to the Democratic Governors Association for two years.

Pickens Plan

DuVal has made great contributions towards the use of alternative energy. At Clean Energy, he was able to coordinate the early phases of the Pickens Plan, a bold energy policy proposal that seeks to reduce American independence on foreign oil by putting in place wind farms to generate electricity. This would leave the country’s available natural gas to be used to fuel trucks and other heavy gas-dependent machines. The plan required an investment of approximately 1 trillion dollars. read more

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